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Working towards a Just and Sustainable Food System in Durham Region, Ontario.

Lessons from Covid-19 for food system resilience 

Durham Food Policy Council, summer 2020 

As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, necessary food safety precautions and social distancing measures are disrupting Canada’s system of food production and distribution. As some processing or distribution facilities are forced to close or decrease their capacity, the high concentration of our food system results in significant bottlenecks, and producers are having to dispose of large amounts of food. Labour shortages aggravate this problem and also threaten producers’ ability to make a full harvest. Meanwhile, a crisis in food security reveals the need for more food production at the local scale.  At this time, we are reflecting on how pursuing the objectives of the Durham Region Food Charter1 can help us through this crisis and make us more resilient to disruptive events in the future. 


The DFPC is building a Cross-Durham Region Food System Report Card...


Do you have specialized knowledge of or an interest in food systems, food justice, or a sustainable food system across the Region of Durham? Do you have access to recent reports, publications or data that speak to food system issues? If so, we want to hear from you. 


Support the DFPC in building a Food System Report Card by sharing your expertise and insights as we gather data and information regarding the regional food system. 


... and this is how you can get involved: 


Step 1: Download the Cross-Durham Region Food System Report Card Public Consultation Guide


Step 2: Access the Public Consultation Submission Form to share your contributions and insights


A Food System Report Card is a tool that helps stakeholders understand our local food system as it exists today—including all of the elements that must come together to ensure that food is produced and distributed in our region in a just and sustainable way. This includes the role of citizens and community organizations in promoting food security. A completed Cross-Durham Region Food System Report Card will support the advancement of the Durham Food Policy Council’s mandate, which is to enact the citizen-defined Durham Food Charter vision for a strong local food system with integrated policy, agriculture, community and health foundations.


By contributing to this consultation, you are supporting the completion of a Cross-Durham Region Food System Report Card. Your insights will help us to:  further define our food system; set collective and collaborative benchmarks and determine the types of indicators that measure progress; and develop strategic directions around the kind of policy change needed for a more equitable, resilient and sustainable food system!

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