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Working towards a Just and Sustainable Food System in Durham Region, Ontario.

Attention all food eaters, growers, preparers, servers, sellers, processors, distributors, educators, and advocates!

Introducing Durham’s First Food System Report Card!!


The Report Card is 

•   a comprehensive and accessible report 

•   that uses a Food Sovereignty framework 

•   to compile key metrics 

•   for success across all sectors of Durham’s local food system.

It brings together the wealth of information produced by folks across Durham’s food system to provide a one-stop overview of our local food system assets and issues.

It comes out of over two years of research and engagement, including valuable contributions from community members like you. And it builds on more than 20 years of work by many different actors toward robust food system planning in Durham. 

Check it out! The condensed version contains the most essential information while the full version provides more detail and sources. 

Share it! We invite you to explore the report card and share it with your networks and other people who eat. 

Use it! To educate people about our food system, work towards strengthening this system, and advocate for the system we want.  

Let us know what you think! Your feedback and input are essential as we work together for community food security and a sustainable, resilient local food system in Durham.

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