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Durham Region Food Charter

Essential Foundations to Build Upon 

A just and sustainable local food system will be resilient when supported by comprehensive and integrated mechanisms. These will incorporate physical elements with sound economic, environmental, social and political policies to ensure a secure food supply.

Sustaining Local Agriculture

Cultivation of a sustainable local agriculture will enhance Durham Region’s urban and rural economic development, create employment, secure a regional food supply, encourage a culture of environmental stewardship and conserve resources.

Community Partnership 

A just and sustainable food system will be supported by a regional community where residents are connected to participants working in partnership with each other and with all levels of government. It acknowledges the importance of its interconnection with other food systems.

Health and Well Being

A just and sustainable food system will be equitable and will respect human dignity. It is a system in which all residents will have access to safe, nutritious, affordable, and culturally appropriate food.

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