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Mission statement: 

The big question we wanted answered was, how can we increase knowledge on Food Security and Climate Change in the Durham Region during the COVID-19 pandemic? We wanted to spread knowledge on the issue that is food security and the impacts climate change has on it. It's an issue that concerns all of us and we wanted to create a platform that connects people to the right information so everyone has the chance to make a difference.  

Because if not you then who? 

Our Goals for The Future: 

We wish to continue to create content and spread awareness and knowledge on the issues of food insecurity and the impacts of climate change on this issue. We also hope to host more events that give youth the opportunity to become catalysts and join the fight to help curb climate change. 

Youth Roots Durham Team


Trystan Lackner

Amanda Harris

Thelacsana Rajaganapathy

Tamzin Holy

Kayla Stephens

Adrienne Arzaga

Hi everyone! My name is Trystan Lackner, the team lead for Youth Roots Durham and I am a recent Graduate from the University of Toronto where I did a Specialist Degree in International Development Studies. I have always been passionate about youth being involved in making decisions and leading change in our communities and abroad. I joined YCI so that I could be a catalyst for this change and collaborate with other like minded youth and individuals. I hope that this Summit of ours will inspire you to be leaders and give you the knowledge and resources to go out there and make your own change!


Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Harris and I am a co-communications lead on the Youth Roots Durham Region team. Starting next fall, I am studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Kenyon College in Ohio and playing division III softball. I enjoy learning new skills and helping others through volunteering. I joined this project with YCI so I could work alongside a team of youth in my local community who share similar passions. I hope this Summit will bring a new perspective to the minds of many young adults in Durham Region and beyond!

Hi, my name is Thelacsana Rajaganapathy. I’m currently living in Pickering and a senior in high school. I am also the co-communications lead for Youth Roots Durham. Hoping to work in a public service career and thinking of studying Criminology in post secondary. I love to volunteer and feel like I’m making a difference and so I joined this program. I hope this project helps educate Durham Region on the food insecurity issue that people might be facing and encourage them to find ways to combat this issue​.

Hello! My name is Tamzin Holy, the community outreach and mobilization lead for Youth Roots Durham and I am currently finishing a Master of Environmental Science degree with a focus on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation at the University of Toronto. I have always been passionate about increasing awareness of environmental issues in my community and have been fortunate enough to volunteer with a number of not-for-profit organizations in the past. I joined YCI to continue on my journey of education and outreach, with a specific goal of shining light on some of the key challenges that the members of Durham Region will face over the coming years. I hope that our summit will inspire you to take action in your own, unique way!


Hi, I am Kayla Stephens and I am the evaluation and impact lead for Youth Roots Durham. I grew up in a small rural town in Clarington. I went to Fleming College for environmental science in Ecosystem Management. My main goal in life is to leave a positive impact on people and the environment. I often seek new youth opportunities to be a part of positive, sustainable change and self growth like Youth Roots Durham. Looking forward to collaborating with everyone at our coming events.

Hi everyone! My name is Adrienne Arzaga and I am the Reporting Lead at Youth Roots Durham. I am a recent graduate from Glendon College, York University. I specialized in International Studies and Public Policy Analysis. I joined YCI because I enjoy volunteering and wanted an opportunity to get involved in my own community. I hope that our events will generate dialogue on food insecurity and encourage youth to become active participants in their own communities. Looking forward to meeting you all at our upcoming events!


Does Your Meal Plan

Cover Climate Change?

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