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Become a Member – informed opinions needed on our Core Group / Interest Groups / Community Members


Read the Durham Region Food Charter (Resources) and tell us what your personal Food Charter is (food system principles your family uses)


Let us know you have a Food Project / Upcoming Local Food Event / Market  and send us your Photos


Donate to support Local Food System Research / Share a Fundraising idea / How you can support Fundraising


The Durham Food Policy Council (DFPC) is looking for new members!


The DFPC is a community-based volunteer-run organization that works to support a just and sustainable food system in Durham Region. We connect organizations and individuals with a passion for food, raise awareness about Durham’s food system and the innovative food-related activities in Durham, and advocate for policies that support a healthy, sustainable, and just food system for all. Please see History/Vision/Mission for more information.


We are currently looking for individuals who are passionate about Durham’s food system, food security, sustainable food production and more to be volunteer committee members on the DFPC Core Committee. Responsibilities include attending 1-2 meetings per year, assisting with general tasks where possible, and the opportunity to participate on a DFPC sub-committee (e.g. communications, research, special events).


We are looking for individuals that cross a diversity of sectors in our food system including:


  • Food Production, e.g. farmers, urban growers, community gardens,

  • Food Processing and Distribution, e.g. food packaging, retailers, farmers markets, chefs, restaurants,

  • Food Accessibility and Justice, e.g. emergency food providers, public health/community health, social services, 

  • Waste-management, companies,

  • Consumers, e.g. youth, low-income people, food bank users,

  • System-wide, e.g. environmental, food justice advocates, academics, researchers, educators, teachers, land use planners, government representatives (at all 3 levels).


Committee positions are open to those who work, live or study in Durham Region. Those interested are asked to contact Mary Drummond at with a summary of their background and why they are interested in this position. We look forward to hearing from you!

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